Liu Batchelor – Curator, Presenter, Producer, Author


Have you ever experienced that moment when self expression just seems to become effortless?  When ideas flow and you suddenly see how your passion can be a contribution to others?  It’s that moment when a whole new future feels possible – when that idea in your head crystallises and you just want to share it in order to ignite a spark in the minds of others. 

My mission is to help people fine and express the ideas and passion which make a difference in the world.  

It was this mission which inspired me to set and curate my TEDx event – TEDxFolkestone – which includes our bespoke speaker development program, within which individuals can find and deliver the fullest expression of their idea. 


I believe we can all intrinsically feel what it is we uniquely have to give – we just need the safety and freedom to be able to learn to express, and in doing so we learn to understand it.  When we remove the pressure and judgement of ‘right/wrong’ we become able to freely explore and experiment with what and how our ideas and passion can be a contribution to others. 

Through my work I provide spaces in which people feel comfortable to explore and experiment with what and how to express and make a difference with their ideas and passions. 

This idea was the topic of my TEDx talk in India, and is also the core message of the book I’m currently writing about how successful TEDx speakers discovered their ideas.


I’ve spent my life exploring and experimenting with different ways to both express my own ideas and ways to help others do the same.  From this experience I believe that what we need most is not ‘the answer’ but simply the safe space in which to find ‘our answer’.  

At their core, all my projects provide a platform within which others can explore and experiment with the expressions of their ideas and their passion – and from which they can observe and learn what and how it can be best delivered in a way that add value to others. 

Previous Projects

As a presenter I love using interviews as a way to create the space and to support people in finding and expressing their ideas.  This was the goal behind my interview series – The Big Ideas Show – and which evolved off the back of my experience as a coach. 

For those not yet clear or confident to start sharing their ideas, I use my presenting as a way of making myself ‘the guinea pig’; documenting my first hand experience of exploring and experimenting with new ideas.  This I’ve done as a TV presenter on Sky, as well as for my own online vlog series – all with the aim of encouraging people the get out and try more things, as a way to organically discover their passion. 

I believe everyone had something they can feel passionate about – but to find it we often have to first accept we cant be good at everything.  It was this idea which inspire my challenge for Sports Relief; to do 100 Sports in 100 Days, documenting all 100 sports I did on video – and from which I gained the honour of being invited to 10 Downing street.  This original challenge has since inspired a new project – 100 Jobs in 100 Days – which will give young people the chance to explore the world of work and find their dream career.


This belief in the value of finding your passion was something I felt from a young age – having been lucky enough to find a huge source of passion and inspiration for myself as a young painter.  I then later found the sport of wakeboarding and competed for Great Britain, and which lead me to become a Nike Select Ambassador.  

However following a major injury I learnt how set backs can also help us uncover our passions – as this injury lead me into becoming a competitive fitness model, design and build my own app, and completing my dissertation on sports injury equipment as part of my 1st class design engineering degree.  

My passion for helping other people find and express their ideas originated from personal experience; growing up I frequently experiencing the frustration of feeling I was not able to express my big ideas to those around me.