Video from the customers point of view

Your prospective customers want to know what they can expect from your product, service or business.

But do you struggle to explain the true experience and value of what you offer?

What if – rather than tell them – we could show them?

What if we could help them understand the experience – from a customers point of view?

Customers feel more confident when they see someone else try it first.

I am that someone – that ‘human guinea pig’

I create videos which showcase the experience your customers can expect from your product, service or business. 

How it works

I’m a TV presenter and video producer, and I specialise in experiential video content.

Requiring minimal client input, and available either remotely or onsite – it’s perfect for clients who don’t have the time or desire to be on camera themselves. 

I frequently work in partnership with creative and marketing agencies – either as part of a stand alone or wider campaign. 

Either self-shot or with a micro crew – production is not only effective but efficient.

Below is just one examples, but for a full range of customer experience I’ve bought to life, see my portfolio HERE

Experience & Expertise

Imagine if today – everyone tried just one new thing!  

I believe everyone should be given the confidence to explore and experiment more; so much so it was the subject of my TEDx talk.

I have 9 years experience using video content to bring experiences and ideas to life.  My work has appeared on the following channels:

Previous projects I’ve presented and produced include:

What others say

So what’s the experience YOU can expect when working with me?

“I was very impressed with much energy and enthusiasm she had for every filming session – even when the weather was terrible!

She was great at working with me to formulate unplanned sequences on location, which made shooting and editing so much easier.”

Dan Abbott – Specialist cameraman – Travel Series for Amazon Prime

BBC South East Today live Interview – 100 Sports in 100 Days for Sports Relief

Get in touch

I would love help you build confidence and trust with your prospective customers.

Let’s show them what a great experience they’ve got to look forward to!