100 Jobs in 100 Days

We live in a time when there has never been more opportunity to do what we want to do, be who we want to be, and find our passion.  Yet for young people this seemingly infinite opportunity can be feel like an overwhelming and scary expanse.  With limited to no experience of the reality of the world of work – how are they possibly able to choose which career direction is right for them, at such a young age and when they’ve had no experience of it. 

100 Jobs in 100 Days is a video documentary and educational resource project which aims to help young people overcome this challenge – by giving them a chance to explore and experiment with what they want to do.

This project as inspired by a combination of my 2016 challenge to do 100 Sports in 100 Days, and my own TEDx talk – in which I shared how it was only through many years of exploring and experimenting in my career that I’d found my passion and full self expression. 

Working in collaboration with businesses, community and educational institution, this project will provide a group of young people the opportunity to experience ‘a life-times worth’ of 10 jobs within just a few months – to see what they can learn about themselves and their aspirations from the process.  Both their personal and job-specific experiences will be captured on film – and used to create 100 curriculum aligned video resource for teachers and students to use in career guidance lessons, as well as a documentary showing the insights gained from the project as a whole.  

This project is currently in development – therefore for more information and/or for collaboration discussions, please contact