100 Sports in 100 Days

I believe there is a perfect sport out there for everyone – it’s just a case of getting out there and finding it. 

It was this belief that inspired me to take on the challenge for Sports Relief to do 100 different sports in 100 consecutive days – and document on video every sport I did, so that others could find a sport which inspired them (especially if they struggled with motivation for the gym or didn’t consider themselves ‘sporty’).

You can watch the 100+ videos I produced and presented on my youtube channel HERE. Or watch my 100th and final sport – a ‘decarathon’ – below.

After successfully completing this challenge in 2016 I was invited by Sports Relief to 10 Downing Street – where I told David Cameron about the how ‘Quidditch’ was in fact a real sport!!  I was also invited for many press interviews including BBC Radio 1, BBC South East Today (which you  can watch below), and London Live.

BBC South East Live Interview

Conquer the Kent Coast – a multi-sports challenge

This challenge was later followed up Conquer the Kent Coast – another challenge with the same values – in which myself and a friend cycles the entire coastline of Kent while trying 16 different sports along the way, all in less than 48 hours. 

In addition to raising money to build a multi-sports arena for street kids in Uganda – we also created a documentary of our change – the trailer for which you can see below

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