I’m a full-time presenter and producer, creating content for TV and online for entertainment, branding/marketing, and education/awareness.  I specialise in action/sports, travel/adventure and ideas/motivation.   

In 2016 I completed a challenge to do 100 Sports in 100 Days for Sports Relief – documenting every sport I did along the way.  

In 2016 I also set up TEDxFolkestone – which I continue to curate.  Shortly afterward I also developed my own ideas-based interview show called The BIG IDEAS Show – giving local people the chance to share how they turned their big ideas to reality.  

I was previously wakeboarding for Great Britain, was a competitive fitness bodybuilder, and fitness model. 

All the work I do now revolves around creating content and experiences which allow two things; 
– Inspiring people to get out and TRY, EXPLORE and LEARN MORE to find things they love, 
– While also giving them the space to always be looking and becoming more aware of why they do what they do, and what it is they are most passionate about.  

My Story

Over the years I’ve found myself doing such a variety of different jobs, projects and hobbies, all of which I loved – but to me often seemed to be in contrast to each other – leaving me feeling that I wasn’t really sure what exactly I was meant to be doing with my life and what my true passion was.   

Throughout school I always loved painting – but then at university, I studied engineering as I also loved solving problems.  I became semi-pro wakeboarder and one of the first females in the sport to do inverts (tricks which involved going upside down), but then a few years later after recovering from injury became passionate about fitness and as result took up competitive bodybuilding.  My first job was in sport events and equipment, however my love for creativity, ideas and problem-solving later lead me to a role as an animation producer.  

I still felt like there was something missing, and that I had a deeper message I needed to share – and it was at this stage I decided to leave my job and work for myself.  It was shortly after this that I founded TEDxFolkestone, and later my own show The BIG IDEAS show, with the aim of meeting like-minded people who loved learning and thinking outside the box.  As I helped others find and express their message and their passion – I too gained a clearer understanding of my own.   

Over the past few years, I’ve come to realise that my passion is not for just one thing.  Instead it is the passion for creating content and experiences which allow both myself and others to always be learning and exploring what it is that inspires us most, find our unique motivation and skill-set, and then refine how this can be expressed in a way that is of value and contribution to others. 

This is why I do what I do.