Below you’ll find some of my favourite recently completed videos, including a brief overview of the project aims and approach.

Product review video for e-guides. Client: Nikky Lyle Creative.
Product Review Video for Nikky Lyle Creative: The brief was to bring to life the experience and benefits of the ‘Going freelance’ e-guides, and to give some personality to a virtual intangible piece of IP. In this piece I took the role of an example customer – actively completing the tasks and information provided in the guides, and giving my personal opinion and experience of them.
Product explainer video for an environmental certificate for the residential home owner. Client: The Green PlaQue.
Product Explainer Video – The Green PlaQue – Environmental Certificate for the Home. Fronting this product explainer video, while also demonstrating and brining to life the benefits and how it worked. This was set ‘at home’ to simulate a typical customers home – and to give a sense of both the ease and value of purchasing the product.