Book: The TEDx Speakers Journey

One of my favourite thing over the years of curating the TEDxFolkestone event has been seeing the professional and personal development of the speakers as a result of the clarify and confidence they gain in their idea, as a result of our TEDxFolkestone process. 

It was this which inspired me to write my book (currently in development) about the TEDx speakers journey, and just what it takes to find and express a powerful idea on the TEDx stage. 

I was always fascinated with the creative process of how we find, refine and express our ideas –  and in particular the personal journey and emotional challenges we come up against alone the way.  From my experience curating TEDxFolkestone – time and time again I’ve seen how most fears come not from a lack of public speaking skills or experience (these are just the symptoms) but rather from a fear of expressing those ideas and values which are most important to us. 

Featuring intimate interviews with many successful TEDx speakers – my book sheds light on both the practical and emotional journey which the speakers go through in both the development and post delivery of their talk.  

At its core, this book is about how we can all find the clarify and confidence to identify and express ourselves and our ideas – whether that be on the TEDx stage, through our work, our personal projects, or simply as a way to better connect and share our passions with those around us. 

You can read related articles and exerts from the book on my TEDxFolkestone blog section of this website

I am currently seeking a literary agent who shares my passion for helping people share their ideas and who can support me in the publication of this book.  For more info and to discuss my proposal and sample chapter please contact me via