Case Study Interviews and Showcase Videos

My key skill as a presenter (and experience as the TEDxFolkestone curator) is my ability to enable clients and guests to feel relaxed and confident enough to authentically express their thoughts and ideas on camera.  This ensures they look and feel comfortable on film – resulting in a more authentic content output, greater production efficiency, and swifter client sign off.

This interviewing ability I apply to both on and off camera shoots – and specialise in case study interviews in a range of styles including:

  • Studio, FM radio and live event chat shows and hosted discussions,
  • Off camera and vox pops interviews
  • Talking heads corporate videos

Chat Show style on-camera interviews

The above is just one interview of 100+ interviews for The Big Ideas Show – a series which ran for over 2 years across both FM radio, live events and social media.

Off Camera Interviewer/voice

Confessions of a Serial Creative series for Creative Folkestone – featuring their selected retail tenants. Shot in a continuous moving shot – with no prior guest training ahead of the shoot.

Vox Pop Interviews

Shot unscripted and ad hoc as part of The London Relay event

Talking Heads Videos

Warren of Flourish

Workshop Stories – A great insight in to the people and the businesses based here at The Workshop Folkestone and the various journeys that they've been on to get where they are now. First up Warren Sutton of Flourish. Amazing growth within 24 months. Finding your niche! With thanks to Liù Batchelor#entrepreneurship #team #animation #coworking #kent

Posted by The Workshop on Tuesday, 5 February 2019
Talking heads interviews featuring business professionals selected by the client. Interviews were conducted with no prior guest preparation or scripting.