Book: The TEDx Speakers Journey

One of my favourite thing over the years of curating the TEDxFolkestone event has been seeing the professional and personal development of the speakers as a result of the clarify and confidence they gain in their idea, as a result of our TEDxFolkestone process.  It was this which inspired me to write my book (currently in development) about the TEDx speakers journey, and just what it takes to find and express a powerful idea on the TEDx stage.  I was always fascinated with the creative process of how we find, refine and express our ideas –  and in particular the

TV Presenting Reel

What I love most about being a presenter is how it creates the space to explore and experiment new ideas and to be able to share those with the viewer.  By always embracing new opportunities, challenges, cultures and ideas with curiosity and an open mind I hope to inspire others that trying new things doesn’t have to be scary, and that it doesn’t matter if you are not good at everything (even if its on TV!) It is this passion which lead me to presenting two TV series on Sky for Globetrotter TV  You can see below my travel

Curating TEDxFolkestone

In 2017 I founded my TEDx event – TEDxFolkestone – with the aim of providing a platform through  which people could find and express their big idea. As an initially small team our aim was to create an open minded and supportive space for inspiration, learning and discover – but not just for the speakers and event attendees, but also for team members and the community at large.  Multiple successful TEDx events later and our speakers’ TEDx talk videos have gained 2million+ views, and our events have gained a 9.7/10 average score in independent audience surveys.  You can view all

My TEDx Talk

I had to privilege to be invited to speak at a TEDx event in India – to share my idea of how by exploring and experimenting we can overcome the frustration and overwhelm of finding our passion and what we want to do in our lives.  Doing this TEDx talk bought together all the ideas and experiences at the core of my life and work to date – and much as I had seen happen with many speakers at my event – it came me a whole new level of clarity and confidence in what I had to contribute to

100 Jobs in 100 Days

We live in a time when there has never been more opportunity to do what we want to do, be who we want to be, and find our passion.  Yet for young people this seemingly infinite opportunity can be feel like an overwhelming and scary expanse.  With limited to no experience of the reality of the world of work – how are they possibly able to choose which career direction is right for them, at such a young age and when they’ve had no experience of it.  100 Jobs in 100 Days is a video documentary and educational resource project

The Big Ideas Show

After coaching many speakers and entrepreneurs, I realised that the fundamental thing that is required for individuals to better understand and express their ideas is simply a supportive and safe space  in which to do so.  What more, with this space to freely express themselves, often individuals are able to quickly and clearly identify their own solutions to their problems – which in turn gives them the motivation and accountability to take action.  It was this idea which inspired me to produce and present The Big Ideas Show; a weekly interview chat show in which they explore the ideas and

100 Sports in 100 Days

I believe there is a perfect sport out there for everyone – it’s just a case of getting out there and finding it.  It was this belief that inspired me to take on the challenge for Sports Relief to do 100 different sports in 100 consecutive days – and document on video every sport I did, so that others could find a sport which inspired them (especially if they struggled with motivation for the gym or didn’t consider themselves ‘sporty’). You can watch the 100+ videos I produced and presented on my youtube channel HERE. Or watch my 100th and