What makes a good TEDxFolkestone Application?

So – the big question!  What actually makes a good TEDxFolkestone talk application? In this article I’ll share my experience – as the curator and licence holder of TEDxFolkestone – of what we’re looking for, as an organising team, when reviewing speaker applications for our event. The first thing to say is that TEDx events are multidisciplinary and broad in topics and subjects; meaning ANY idea on ANY* topic can be considered.   (*There are a handful of ‘no-go’ topics – or maybe it’s better to describe them as ‘approaches’ – that TED does not allow.  I have sharing more

What can’t you talk about in a TEDxFolkestone talk?

For me, what makes TED such an inspiring platform is the huge breadth of topics and ideas that it explores, and the ability of speakers to bring insight, understanding and inspiration on what may be a complex or unfamiliar topic to a lay audience. However, despite this broad spectrum of ideas, there are still certain ‘topics’, or maybe a better word is ‘approaches’, that you can’t talk about on the TEDx stage. For anyone aspiring to do a TEDx talk, I recently wrote an article about ‘What makes a good TEDxFolkestone talk application’.  In this article we’ll explore, based on

Is my idea of an idea the same as your idea?

The most common challenges I hear when talking to people about the prospect of being a TEDxFolkestone speaker is ‘I don’t know what my idea would be’. From many discussions with both successful, aspiring and reluctant speakers, I believe one of the problems may be down to the different interpretations of this inconspicuous little word: idea.  We might think that we all know what it means to us and to others, but with the dictionary quoting nine (rather abstract) different definitions, and the thesaurus giving us a huge range of synonyms, it’s easy to see how we could potentially be interpreting it

How to get a TEDxFolkestone talk – Part 2/2

Getting invited to do a TEDx talk is a dream for many, and in my last article I shared insight into my experience as a TEDx organiser of how we go about curating talks and selecting/inviting speakers.   However, the challenge with this approach is that we live in a time which is heavily saturated with ideas, and no matter how much great impact you’re making and exposure your idea may be getting, the reality is not all ideas will get ‘spotted’ by TEDx event curators like myself.  This is where the second approach to getting a TEDxFolkestone talk comes

How to get a TEDxFolkestone talk – Part 1/2

Ok – so you want to do a TEDx talk but don’t know where or how to go about it? In short, there are two ways to bag yourself a TEDxFolkestone talk: either you get invited or you apply. But HOW do you get invited or apply, you may ask?  Well, in this first article (of two), I’m going to share with you how to get invited to speak.  But to answer this question of how to get invited, it helps to first give you some background on how TEDxFolkestone talks, and more specifically TEDx events, work. Each TEDx event

How NOT to pitch your TEDx idea to an me (TEDxFolkestone curator)

Imagine this: You’ve got an idea and you want to know if it would be suitable for the TEDx stage.  So, you track down a TEDx organiser online for your big shot to pitch them your idea.  You send them an inspiring write-up of your idea and about how it’s your dream to step onto that red spot and inspire the world. Sounds great, right?  And I totally get it!  It makes perfect sense. But let me tell you about it from the other side – as the TEDxFolkestone event organisers receiving this idea. I open up a message and

FAQ’s about TEDxFolkestone talks and event

TED is a globally recognised and highly respected brand – but as both the TEDxFolkestone event licence holder and a TEDxJIET speaker, I’ve noticed that there’s also a lack of understanding and, at times, misconceptions about exactly how it all works and how people can get involved.  In the text below I’ve shared my answers to some FAQs from my experience as the licence holder and organiser of TEDxFolkestone.   What is the difference between TED and TEDx? TED is the main not-for-profit organisation and brand.  They hold a certain number of large events/conferences every year – often in large