Handlebars Vs Cars

Race Highlights Video

I’ve got a new CHALLENGE!! 

It’s called HANDLEBARS Vs CARS ….and in a ‘Top Gear-esk’ stylie I will be on a bike…racing a car!!!  And its all going to be streamed LIVE!!

BUT WHY?!!  Well its all about exploring whether active travel and cycling to work really can be a more viable option to driving! (as well as obvious better for the environment, my health and my wallet!)

The live streamed challenge itself will take place during #BikeWeek (5-11th June) – from Singleton, Ashford to Coachworks co-working (right next door to Ashford International Station). I’ll be sharing the Live Stream link right here on this page – as well as via social Youtube, Insta, Facebook and LinkedIn

Big shoutout to the Climate Action Team at Ashford Borough Council for their support in making this project possible.  

Become a Community Cycling Champion!

Introducing …. your Community Cycling Champions!

A huge thank you to everyone everyone who submitted their photos and videos to be a part the below video; showing them getting out on their bikes and helping to help inspire more people to join the commuter revolution and switch from 4 wheels to 2!

Our Community Cycling Champions all ages and abilities, and share why they local cycling; be it for weekend socials, community connections and support, fun and fitness, or commuting to work or school. There are so many benefits to choose from!

Or for any one more generally considering cycling too – in the videos below you can join me as I get ready for the challenge; including bike purchase and setup, route planning, confidence building, safety prep, etc. 

Preparation #1 – Bike Setup

Preparation #2 – Route Planning

Preparation #3 – Confidence and Safety

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