‘Human Guinea Pig’ Demos & Review Videos

Are you or your client looking for a simple and complete video content solution with minimal pre-production time, cost or input required? Would you also like that content shared with a ready-made audience?

Could an independent perspective from a sample customer’s point of view help build trust with your audience?

I specialise in presenting and producing unscripted ‘influencer/vlog’ style content – which demonstrates the authentic experience customers can expert from your client’s product, service or event.

I also have engaged Folkestone/Kent based Facebook audience, who are interested in my take on new ideas, activities, and experiences.   This reach, combined with the client’s through their own channels, can be utilised either as a stand alone local/micro campaign, or as part of a wider campaign initiative. 

Whether its self-shot or with a micro in-house/external crew – the shoot can be done remotely, with or without interviews, and without excessive pre production or client input required. 

Tourism and Hospitality

Active and Adventure