Presenter Reel

Showreel available above or via YouTube HERE

My Passion and Ambition as a presenter

I believe being a presenter is all about being a vehicle to find the interest and wonder in the world around us – and sharing that wonder with the audience.  In being astutely interested, I enable contributors to feel free seen and heard – and in doing so comfortable and confident to open up and express that which most interests and inspires them. 

I am passionate about the importance of being open to giving things a try and exploring new ideas – and this comes across in my presenting style and topics.  I am interested in helping people feel more confident to embrace uncertainty and accepting that its ok – and necessary sometimes – to fail.  As a result, wherever possible I will try to participate in and share first hand the experience or idea I am presenting – and not shying away from being open to ‘not know’ or ‘not be good’ at something. 

Platforms my work has appeared on

Projects and Experience

Links to full videos/projects – as featured in above Presenter Reel (in order)

Other Projects (not featured in reel)

  • FM Radio Presenter and Producer – Academy FM
  • Expert Contributor – BBC Radio Kent regular guest
  • Conquer the Kent Coast – Sport and Tourism awareness documentary – co-presenter

Presenting Specialisms and Themes

  • Participation/first hand experience
  • Interviews 
  • Vlogs and events
  • Investigative Journalism
  • Podcast discussions
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Ideas and Innovation
  • Tourism
  • Active and adventure
  • Creative process
  • Learning and development
  • Culture and community

Skills Experience

  • Script development and delivery
  • Contributor research, recruitment and coaching
  • Ad-lib and investigative presenting
  • Interviewing 
  • Event hosting and public speaking
  • Crew collaboration and communication