Projects & Series IP

In addition to work for clients and agencies, I also produce and present my own projects and content series IP.  

The majority of these have been created in order to provide a platform for passionate guests/contributors to share the ideas and causes which matter most to them – while for the viewing audience the content is designed to inspire them to explore and experiment more in their life, work and hobbies. 


I founded and have curated and hosted TEDxFolkestone since 2017

I executive produced 3 x behind the scenes mini documentaries about various aspects of TEDxFolkestone

Redundancy Success Stories

Show made during COVID-19 – designed to be shot remotely/distanced, with public contributors submitting redundancy success stories, and virtual expert contributor interviews

The Big Ideas Show

Interview series featuring 100+ inspiring local guests

Conquer the Kent Coast – Documentary Film

Challenge to inspire people to explore all the activities and clubs our county has to offer. To watch the full film – you can view Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE

100 Sports in 100 Days

Sports Relief fundraising challenge – resulting in TV interviews and press
You can watch all 100 sports I completed, and the video I made about each one HERE