The Big Ideas Show

After coaching many speakers and entrepreneurs, I realised that the fundamental thing that is required for individuals to better understand and express their ideas is simply a supportive and safe space  in which to do so.  What more, with this space to freely express themselves, often individuals are able to quickly and clearly identify their own solutions to their problems – which in turn gives them the motivation and accountability to take action. 

It was this idea which inspired me to produce and present The Big Ideas Show; a weekly interview chat show in which they explore the ideas and passions that mattered most to them, and share why and how they were putting them into action for the benefit of others.

The Big Ideas Show ran initially for 6 months as an FM radio show, before becoming a video show for a further 2 years – culminating in over 100+ interviews and 100,000 views.  For 6 the show was recorded in front of a live audience – as an opportunity to further connect individuals and their ideas with those in their community who could benefit from them the most.  

You can see behind the scenes at one of these live events in the video below, along with just a sample of some of the interviews themselves.