The BIG IDEAS Show is a weekly interview chat show I developed in March 2017, initially as a radio show, and evolved into a video show.  To date, I have presented and produce 100+ shows – examples of which you can see below, or visit the YouTube Channel HERE for a full listing.  

The BIG IDEAS show is all about giving inspiring local people with big ideas and big projects that benefit their community – the chance to share their stories, motivation, and mindset that both inspired and enabled them to turn their ideas to reality.  

Through this show, I love exploring and understanding what it is that drives people, and seeing and hearing how they’ve taken action, made things happen and what they’ve learned as a result – while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to share their message with a wider audience.  

I am actively looking for both guests, sponsors and distribution partners for The BIG IDEAS Show – so please do get in touch if you would like to discuss further

The BIG IDEAS Show – Theme of: Sport and Mental Health