Vlog Reel

Showreel available above or via YouTube HERE

Why Vlog?

For me, the most interesting part of most projects is the process, and I love seeing behind the scenes of the people, processes and passion that come together to make projects, services and experiences happen.  It its sharing this journey which I love to document through my vlogs.  

Many of my previous vlog projects the aim has been to showcase a customer/participant experience.  In fully embracing every vlog experience my aim is to remove the uncertainty that a customer may fear about engaging a product or service.  

In showcasing the skills and experience of a project or service,  I believe there is also a great opportunity to help clients and audiences better understand and appreciate the creative process – as well as the people behind it.  

My experience is that documenting the process is also a great opportunity to refine and improve ideas as they develop; in giving people the space to reflect and express their thinking.  This I have believe not only aids more exploratory thinking but also improves communication of ideas long term.

In-house vlogs and marketing content

I am very interested in a role which includes producing behind the scenes vlogs documenting the people, process and passion of a team/business.  

I believe I can support team members in feeling comfortably on camera, while also giving them an opportunity to share their passion and values.  This is an opportunity to ‘show’- rather than try and tell – all the great things the team does – without requiring them to do any additional work.  All that would be required is to capture the process as it happens.  This I believe will help showcase the company culture, while also helping clients better understand and appreciate the company’s process and specialist skills. 

I can both self shot/edited or work with a micro crew in producing vlogs and behind the scenes in-house/marketing content.